Why Dream?

We are the first of its kind in Boston that caters exclusively to kids!



After dreaming about a place where kids could call their own, we began to undergo extensive research related to this ever-growing industry. Our most prized critics where our two girls, then ages 2 and 8 were the master minds behind the structure of Dream Kid Spa & Salon. Dream kid Spa is the perfect Dream world created especially for little girls and boys to celebrate special occasions.

One-of-a-kind destination.

It is an one-of-a-kind destination for birthday parties where girls can be girls and boys can be boys a place where parents can reward good grades, positive behavior and milestones in a child’s life. We are committed to creating lasting memories for kids in a fun and safe environment. Teaching self- care from an early age which is important in building self esteem and confidence all while enjoying a themed Spa party, Mani, Pedi treatment and fun DIY projects.

Here at Dream kid spa we allow our little Dreamers to live the dream and boost their confidence and self-esteem, while embracing the fun, friendship-building opportunities of having groups of children participate in spa services together. Dream kid spa has the ultimate experiences for children ages 3-14, weather a mom that wants to have some girl’s time after a long work week, or for our Dads who want to take his little ones out for pampering, even for the Grandparents who are in town looking for an exciting day active. But! why stop there our Dream lap is ready for all our teachers who would love to take their Dreamers on a field trip.

We pride ourselves on providing a fun, interactive, dream-filled bonding experience for all guests. Our staff is engaging, caring and well-trained. We also provide mini spa lessons where we teach children different tips and tricks on skincare, make up and most importantly, about their unique inner beauty. Children can explore our dream lap options and take advantage of the many create -your-own selections, bead it bar along with the custom Décor that ties it all together. Everything under one roof.